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JsTypeHax payload

This is an example payload for the JsTypeHax. It simply copies a given statically linked payload (main_hook/main_hook.elf) into memory and installs a "main hook" to jump to this every time a application starts.


This payload meant to be used with JsTypeHax, a browser exploit for the Wii U (FW 5.5.2 to 5.5.3). Copy the created code550.bin into the JsTypeHax folder and run the exploit. Read the README of the JsTypeHax repository for more information.

The browser will switch to Mii Maker and from now on load your payload every time you switch to another application.

Overwrite the address 0x0101c56c (our main entry hook) with 0x4E800421 (= bctrl) to override this behaviour. Note This address is not writeable from user/kernel, you need to either set up a DBAT or disable memory translation temporarily. Then disabling the memory translation, make sure to use physical addresses, OSEffectiveToPhysical might help there.


Place the a project with Makefile into a subfolder /main_hook that creates a main_hook.elf. Using a .elf directly requires changes on the Makefile. This repository provides a generic .elf as submodule, see it's README for detailed information and usage.

Clone via git init --recursive URL.

In order to be able to compile this, you need to have installed devkitPPC with the following pacman packages installed.

pacman -Syu devkitPPC

Make sure the following environment variables are set:


The command make should produce a code550.bin, meant to be used with JsTypeHax

Technical details

This payload:

  • Creates a new stable thread, as the current one is really unstable
  • Kill the browser and waits a bit.
  • Performs a kernel exploit, and registers the syscalls 0x34/0x35 for kern_read/kern_write
  • These can be used to register further, complete custom syscalls.
  • Syscall 0x25 is registered to copy data with memory protection disabled. (this is not available in the to be loaded main_hook.elf payload)
  • Copies the embedded main_hook.elf to the address where it's statically linked to. Currently these sections are supported. .text, .rodata, .data and .bss. In theory this could be placed anywhere, but keep in mind that the memory area may be cleared (like the codegen area, or the whole heap), and needs to be executable in user mode (even after switching the application). It's recommended to use 0x011DD000...0x011E0000
  • Afterwards the main entry hook is set up to jump to this position on every application switch. You also may have to modify this if the jump turns out to be too big.
  • A small function to modify IBAT0 is copied to kernel space and registers as syscall 0x09. This can used in the loaded .elf. The declaration of this function is extern void SC_0x09_SETIBAT0(uint32_t upper, uint32_t lower);.
  • The payload is switching to Mii Maker
  • The main_hook.elf will be called, (and every other time when switching the application until the hook it reverted.)

What this payload offers to the loaded .elf

The loaded main_hook.elf can expect:

  • To be called everytime the application switches. (Mii Maker has sd access!)
  • Syscall 0x09 to be available. Declaration: extern void SC_0x09_SETIBAT0(uint32_t upper, uint32_t lower); , call via asm. This function can be used to set IBAT0 to allow the kernel to execute new created syscall (the kernel has for example no access to 0x011DD000...0x011E0000).
  • Syscall 0x34 (kern_read) and 0x35 (kern_write) to be available. Use the following functions to use them:
/* Read a 32-bit word with kernel permissions */
uint32_t __attribute__ ((noinline)) kern_read(const void *addr) {
    uint32_t result;
    asm volatile (
        "li 3,1\n"
        "li 4,0\n"
        "li 5,0\n"
        "li 6,0\n"
        "li 7,0\n"
        "lis 8,1\n"
        "mr 9,%1\n"
        "li 0,0x3400\n"
        "mr %0,1\n"
        "mr 1,%0\n"
        "mr %0,3\n"
        :	"=r"(result)
        :	"b"(addr)
        :	"memory", "ctr", "lr", "0", "3", "4", "5", "6", "7", "8", "9", "10",
        "11", "12"

    return result;

/* Write a 32-bit word with kernel permissions */
void __attribute__ ((noinline)) kern_write(void *addr, uint32_t value) {
    asm volatile (
        "li 3,1\n"
        "li 4,0\n"
        "mr 5,%1\n"
        "li 6,0\n"
        "li 7,0\n"
        "lis 8,1\n"
        "mr 9,%0\n"
        "mr %1,1\n"
        "li 0,0x3500\n"
        "mr 1,%1\n"
        :	"r"(addr), "r"(value)
        :	"memory", "ctr", "lr", "0", "3", "4", "5", "6", "7", "8", "9", "10",
        "11", "12"