Dotfiles for Arch Linux
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Update .zsh/aliases
2 months ago
dot_kde4/share/config Update dot_kde4/share/config/private_kdeglobals 1 year ago
dot_priv Add dot_priv/dot_exists 2 years ago
dot_ssr modify ssr configs 2 years ago
dot_zsh Update .zsh/aliases 2 months ago
private_dot_config Update .zsh/aliases 2 months ago
private_dot_mozilla/private_firefox Update .zsh/aliases 2 months ago
private_dot_ssh Update .ssh/config 3 months ago
scripts Update .zsh/.zshrc 3 months ago
.chezmoi.toml.tmpl update config 2 years ago
.chezmoiignore license 2 years ago
.gitignore a 2 years ago lol 2 years ago Update '' 2 years ago
dot_bash_profile Add dot_bash_profile 2 years ago
dot_zshenv Update dot_zsh/aliases 8 months ago
executable_dot_xprofile Update dot_zsh/aliases 8 months ago
executable_dot_xrandr-changed init 2 years ago

run sh -c "$(curl -fsLS" -- init --apply to install