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Skyra Logo

Skyra Discord

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Developing on Skyra


Optional additions

Set-Up - Refer to CONTRIBUTING.md

Translating Skyra

We use Crowdin to translate Skyra's messages into different languages. If you'd like to help by contributing new translations (or improving existing ones), click here. Thanks for any contributions!

A note to aspiring developers who want to self host Skyra

The developer team does not support the idea of other self-hosted instances of Skyra. The team prides itself on providing the best experience and support for the end-users. As such, an offshoot or unaffiliated mirror of Skyra may cause ill effects on the reputation and image of Skyra. If you wish to see new features implemented, please refer to the developing guidelines linked above.

In addition, Skyra was built with a dependence on many services which need consistent maintenance and oversight in order to function and behave properly. These include, but are not limited to,

  • InfluxDB in order to keep anonymous metrics on bot usage
  • PostgreSQL as database
  • Other external APIs, each requiring their own individual API keys.

With this in mind, it is also worth noting that Skyra will in no way be capable of running on services such as Glitch or Heroku. A dedicated VPS (Virtual Private Server) is required in order to maintain the proper production environment.


A bit of story: Skyra, formerly known as kyraBOT (renamed in the middle of March of 2017), is a multipurpose Discord Bot that was born out of curiosity in a SoloLearn guild. With help from other developers, due to my lack of experience (I made websites and templates for After Effects, but never a backend application). Skyra was born. Skyra's name comes from a comment made by a user, joining "kyra" with "SkyNET", creating "SkyraNET", I liked the name and later, she got renamed to "Skyra". Originally, it was going to be renamed as "Shiny" (name taken for the currency) or "Shyy" (original name from the lore) however I decided "Skyra" would be a better name.

Skyra does not only feature almost every feature that is needed in the majority of guilds (discord servers) while being completely configurable, she also has a backstory, inherited from the lore I have been creating since I was a child.

There have been over 14 rewrites with an active development of over two years, I have met many developers and friends in Discord, and in February 2017, I met the Dirigeants team, upon which I started to contribute to Komada, and later, for Klasa. Later in September 2020 I split from Dirigeants along with many of these developers and friends and started Sapphire, which is what Skyra is currently using, specifically Sapphire Framework

Who knows, I might write a book someday for Skyra's lore.

Skyra links

Framework links

Buy us some doughnuts

Skyra Project is open source and always will be, even if we don't get donations. That said, we know there are amazing people who may still want to donate just to show their appreciation. Thanks you very much in advance!

We accept donations through Patreon, BitCoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. You can use the buttons below to donate through your method of choice.

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Please make sure to read the Contributing Guide before making a pull request.

Thank you to all the people who already contributed to Skyra Project!