Updated 2 weeks ago

just a testing repo

Updated 4 months ago

Dotfiles for Arch Linux

Updated 2 months ago

fuck you new.css

Updated 2 years ago

Virtual display driver for Windows 11/10

Updated 1 year ago

Public mirror of Vizality upstream. Refreshes every 30 minutes.

Updated 5 days ago

Updated version of react-native-netinfo 5.1.0

Updated 1 year ago

Personal user-local configuration.

Updated 12 months ago

Personal website.

Updated 3 months ago

Aliucord's public fork of DiscordRN

Updated 10 months ago

Plugin bundler for most Discord client mods, making your plugins easily cross-compatible.

Updated 5 months ago

C 0 0

Personal dynamic window manager build.

Updated 12 months ago

Updated 12 months ago

Chiaki Vita port

Updated 6 months ago

Example for an Ittai plugin with CI building using GitHub Actions or Woodpecker

Updated 6 months ago