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Ittai Logo made by Sylix#8103

What the heck?! I only need to use one style for my plugin?
Ittai?! I only need to use Ittai for my plugin?
Ittai is a plugin bundler for most Discord client mods, making your plugin cross-compatible with multiple client mods easy!

Features | Installation | How to Build




Installation Steps

From NPM

pnpm i -g @ittai/builder # this anywhere
pnpm i ittai # on your plugin's folder

From this repo (Building Ittai for local development)

git clone
cd ittai

# linking the builder
cd builder
pnpm i
pnpm link --global

# linking the core
cd ..
cd core
pnpm i
pnpm link --global

Then, in your plugin's folder

pnpm link --global ittai

How to Build

Command Options

  • --plugin="path/to/your/plugin"
  • --betterdiscord (optional)
    • Specify ="path/to/plugin/folder" to copy the built file to the folder.
    • Builds for BetterDiscord.
  • --powercordv2 (optional)
    • Specify ="path/to/plugin/folder" to copy the built files to the folder.
    • Builds for Powercord v2.
  • --goosemod (optional)
    • Specify ="path/to/plugin/folder" to copy the built files to the folder.
    • Builds for GooseMod.
  • --watch (optional)
    • Will watch for changes in your plugin's unbuilt files and automatically run the command again for you.

Build Command

This command will build your plugin for BetterDiscord, Powercord v2, and GooseMod, but will only copy it to BetterDiscord's plugins folder. It will also hot rebuild your plugin for you.

ittai --plugin="./test/plugin" --betterdiscord="/path/to/plugins/fgbd" --powercordv2="/path/to/plugins/fgbd" --goosemod-"/path/to/plugins/fgbd" --watch