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Codeberg Mirror

The cutest Discord client mod



  • Super easy to install (Download Installer, open, click install button, done)
  • 100+ plugins built in: See a list
    • Some highlights: SpotifyControls, MessageLogger, Experiments, GameActivityToggle, Translate, NoTrack, QuickReply, Free Emotes/Stickers, PermissionsViewer, CustomCommands, ShowHiddenChannels, PronounDB
  • Fairly lightweight despite the many inbuilt plugins
  • Excellent Browser Support: Run Vencord in your Browser via extension or UserScript
  • Works on any Discord branch: Stable, Canary or PTB all work (though for the best experience I recommend stable!)
  • Custom CSS and Themes: Inbuilt css editor with support to import any css files (including BetterDiscord themes)
  • Privacy friendly, blocks Discord analytics & crash reporting out of the box and has no telemetry
  • Maintained very actively, broken plugins are usually fixed within 12 hours
  • Settings sync: Keep your plugins and their settings synchronised between devices / apps (optional)

Installing / Uninstalling

Click the below button to install Vencord to the Discord Desktop app

Download and run the Installer

Installing on Browser

Get it on the Firefox Webstore Get it on the Chrome Webstore

Or use the UserScript - Please note that the CSS Editor, Themes loaded from remote sources and co. will not work in the UserScript. Use the extension if you need any of those

Alternative Downloads

Vencord Desktop

Warning This is an alternative app. It currently doesn't support keybinds and possibly some more features. If you just want to install to the normal Discord Desktop app, scroll up

As an alternative to the Discord Desktop app, Vencord also has its own standalone Desktop app that is snappier and lighter than Discord's official Desktop app

Download Vencord Desktop

Join our Support/Community Server


Star History

Star History Chart


Discord is trademark of Discord Inc. and solely mentioned for the sake of descriptivity. Mention of it does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by Discord Inc.

Using Vencord violates Discord's terms of service

Client modifications are against Discords Terms of Service.

However, Discord is pretty indifferent about them and there are no known cases of users getting banned for using client mods! So you should generally be fine as long as you dont use any plugins that implement abusive behaviour. But no worries, all inbuilt plugins are safe to use!

Regardless, if your account is very important to you and it getting disabled would be a disaster for you, you should probably not use any client mods (not exclusive to Vencord), just to be safe

Additionally, make sure not to post screenshots with Vencord in a server where you might get banned for it